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Welcome to Pro Fitness Review, a website designed to help you make informed decisions when you purchase fitness equipment.

Whether your major concern is finding the best fitness product to help reach a specific goal, such as weight loss, or you are looking for the best value for money, we can help.

But your fitness journey does not end when you make a purchase, that is where it begins. For this reason we have also composed a whole range of articles explaining how to work out on each type of exercise equipment we review.

For those not sure what type of exercise machine is right for them, we have also written detailed guides on the benefits of each type of equipment we review. Explaining pros and cons, how to use various types of exercise routine to hit certain goals, and some common mistakes to avoid.

For full disclosure, we do receive a small commission from suppliers if you go on to make a purchase through a link from our site. This allows us to fund the on-going costs of this website, and invest into growing it further. All reviews are unbiased, opinions stated here are all our own.

Fitness Equipment Reviews

Are you interested in the best rowing machine to use at home, or the best exercise bike available for under £500? We are here to give some advice and help you make that decision.

Our reviews reveal the important factors to consider when choosing a piece of equipment, and the key features to look out for. For instance considering machines that fold away for easy storage at home, or making sure that a suitable warranty comes with you new piece of kit.

All of our reviews are unbiased, we want you to make the best decision for your own circumstances. If we weren't, you would quickly realise, and this would do us no favours in the long run, word of mouth and a good reputation is everything.

Fitness Equipment Workout Guides

All of the equipment we review is easy to use, who doesn't know how to use a treadmill or exercise bike? But there is a difference between using equipment, jumping on a bike and pedalling it, and using it well, to it's full potential.

Our workout guides explain how different ways of training produce different results. Using quick high intensity interval training to max out your cardiovascular system, or how low intensity steady state cardio can be used for long term weight management.

Fitness Equipment Benefits

Surely the benefit of using exercise equipment is to get fit? Yes, but there are many types of fitness, strength is a type of fitness, so is endurance, or speed.

In our guides on the benefits of each type of exercise equipment, we cover how it will develop different aspects of your fitness. Whether it's using a vibration plate to build core strength, or a stepper to tone your legs and bum, it's useful to know which machine produces which type of results.

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