Best Home Multi Gym Reviews – 2018 UK Buying Guide

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This guide aims to help you make a decision when assessing which home multi gym fits your needs and circumstances. When buying fitness equipment a bit of research in advance can ensure you get the most from any potential purchase. There is nothing worse than unpacking a piece of kit, only to find out it doesn’t fit in the room, it doesn’t cover all of your exercise needs or it’s not of the build quality you were looking for.

We will cover who a home multi gym is suitable for, the features to consider when making an assessment, common exercises that can be carried out on most models and make some recommendations.

Why buy a Home Multi Gym?

If you want to get the benefits of a gym work out but do not have the time, or there are no gyms close by, then a home multi gym can be a great solution. Whereas going to the gym regularly will take up a significant portion of your day, you can spend 20 minutes a day at home to get seriously strong and fit.

Some people are private by nature and prefer to work out on their own. A home multi gym is a great solution for them as well. All the benefits of weight lifting at the gym, but in a private environment. No queue for a machine or unsocial gym members dropping weights and making a noise.

Home multi gyms are equally suitable for men and women, or for novices and experienced weight trainers. Top end machines will allow you to carry out any of the exercises that the equipment at the gym caters for. Lower specification models still provide a fair range of exercises. Changing the size/shape of handles or grips provides a greater potential number of exercises.

Do consider the amount of space you have available as home multi gyms, even the smaller ones, take up a significant amount of space. But if you have space available, one of these machines, a weight bench and some free weights, will give you everything you could find at a gym. And everything you need to get seriously fit and strong.

Best home multi gyms by price

 BudgetMid RangeHigh End
BrandFit4HomeWeiderBH Fitness
ModelES-403Pro 5500G152X
SellerAmazon UKSweatbandAmazon UK
Price when published£141.49£599£944.99
Dimensions (cm)205 (H) 120 (L) 97 (W)210 (H) 200 (L) 110 (W)212 (H) 174 (L) 200 (W)
Product weight83k kg150 kg180 kg
Maximum weight resistance72 kg120 kg100 kg
Maximum user weight125 kg135 kg130 kg
Range of grips/handlesNoYesYes
Delivery cost£20Free UKFree UK
Delivery2-4 daysCustomer services will call to arrange delivery day2-4 days
Average customer rating3.5/55/55/5
Estimated assembly time2 - 4 hours, can pay £90 for assembly2 people 4 - 6 hours, can pay £90 for assembly2 people 4 - 6 hours, can pay £90 for assembly
CommentValue for moneySolid build qualityHuge range of exercises
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Common exercises that can be carried out on a home multi gym

There are a huge range of exercises that can be carried out on one of these machines. The following list gives the more popular exercises that an average multi gym will let you carry out, by body part. This list is by no means exhaustive and exercises vary by machine, it is meant to be indicative.

Body PartExercise 1Exercise 2Exercise 3
ChestChest PressIncline / Decline PressPectoral Fly
ShouldersShoulder PressUpright RowLateral Deltoid Raise
ArmsBicep CurlTriceps PushdownTriceps Extension
BackLat PulldownBent Over RowSeated Mid-Row
AbdominalsAbdominal CrunchSide BendsKnee Raise
LegsGlute KickSeated Leg ExtensionLeg Curl

Features of a Home Multi Gym

A quick look at the main features that you will want to consider when assessing which multi gym is right for your needs.


This is a very practical part of any decision making criteria. If you have a certain amount of space to fit the multi gym into then clearly this is a limiting factor. All models specify their size. But keep in mind you will need space to assemble the machine, plus work out on it. Therefore you need a space larger than the dimension of the machine itself.

There is a correlation between the size of the machine and the size. The more expensive machines are larger as they have more functionality and allow more exercises, and this is because they have more components/weights.

If you have a room set aside for exercise equipment, or are filling the garage, then size is not such a factor. However if you are putting the machine into a space room, make sure you have thought about the size and space requirements before you purchase your machine.

Brand quality

Like any machine manufactured by several brands, some will have greater reputations for quality than others. It’s no difference to cars, for example, BMW have a different reputation for build quality than Fiat.

Globalisation has meant that there are many options available without out brand names, manufactured and imported from all over the world. A reputable brand like York or Weider should bring a level of confidence when buying. However some non branded machines are of similar quality. It is worth checking out the reviews from previous buyers as they will give assessments of build quality.


Every home multi gym will require some form of assembly. Different models vary in the difficulty of assembly and time taken to build however. Some models take two people to assemble while others can be built alone. As we cover each model in our review we will make reference to assembly as this can be make or break in the purchasing decision.

Customers regularly give feedback on ease of assembly when giving feedback on these machines. That should give comfort when assessing each model. You will be able to take the word of those in your shoes who have assembled it, rather than relying on the manufacturers views.

Weight stack

The amount of weight at the top range of machines vary. Think how much you lift now and how much you expect to lift in the future. Some people buy a machine only to find out within 12 months they have reached its maximum. Then they need to trade up to another piece of equipment. Which could have been avoided if more consideration had been given in advance.

Range of exercises

Not all home multi gyms have then same inbuilt exercise functionality. It’s important to decide which exercises are of high, medium, and low importance to you. Then base selection on machines that most closely meet your criteria.

The specification for machines will list the exercises that can be performed on it. If you are an experienced weight trainer you will be able to use variations in the way you train to extract an even greater range of exercises. Remember that if you are able to change the shape and position of handles you can increase the number of possible exercises. For example a lat pull down can be varied with a wide, medium and tight grip.


No manufacturer is going to list their machine as uncomfortable! This is where other customer reviews can come in handy, highlighting any deficiencies the equipment.

Seats sizes will vary by machine, as will levels of padding. The same goes for benches, grips, handles and bars. The motion of moving parts can vary between machines as well. With the smoother operating cable systems feeling less jumpy and more comfortable.


This is an area where you can notice a real difference between models at the budget end of the scale and the more expensive ones. A feeling of sturdiness is where there are no wobbles or shakes as you lift weights at the higher end of the range. Although a machine may be safe with a slight wobble as you lift 80 kgs it will not give you the same feeling of quality.

Again this is an area where paying attention to previous customer reviews can be of real help.


This is not an important factor to everyone. It depends on where you keep the machine. If it is in the garage or your spare room you may not give it a second thought. If it is in your bedroom or guest room, looks may be a factor you want to think about. This comes down to personal preference. But at the same time a more expensive machine of superior build quality will more often than not look and be styled better than a budget machine.

Safety features

Safety features vary by machine, unsurprisingly the better quality brands and higher priced equipment have greater safety features. Bear in mind how experienced you are at working out on weight machines and your levels of strength/fitness. The more experienced lifters will need less focus on the safety features of the machine. They will rely more on their knowledge and confidence to keep them safe. If you are just starting out lifting weights, make sure you think safety.

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