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Our fitness equipment reviews will help you make fully informed decisions when assessing the numerous exercise machine choices on today's market.

If you are just starting to do some research, or think you have found the perfect solution and are just looking for a second opinion, we can help. Our guides explain the important features to look for when choosing a piece of equipment. Understanding which type of exercise bike best meets your needs, or the features that separate a good cross trainer from a top of the line model.

Each review will advise on the best equipment, broken down into several categories. For example the best treadmill under £500 and the most suitable rowing machine for the home. There will be something available to meet every persons particular needs and circumstances.

For those with a specific goal, but are not sure on which piece of fitness equipment will get you there, we have included details on what each is suitable for. For instance how a pull up bar will build upper body strength. How a vibration plate can improve the strength in you core, and how a stepper machine will tone your legs and bum.

For full disclosure, we do receive a small commission from suppliers if you go on to make a purchase through a link from our site. This allows us to fund the on-going costs of this website, and invest into growing it further. All reviews are unbiased, opinions stated here are all our own.

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