Hammer COBRA XT Rowing Machine Review – Folding Magnetic Home Rower

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Overview of the Hammer COBRA XT Rowing Machine

The Hammer COBRA XT Rowing Machine is a well engineered piece of exercise equipment, ideal for home use. The mechanism is magnetic, which makes for a quiet, smooth action. This, combined with an ergonomically designed seat, make it a comfortable machine to train on. It folds, and can be transported on wheels at its front, making it easy to store. The monitor has numerous display options, helping you get the most from your training session.

It falls into the mid-price range, £349 at the time of writing, with a significant Amazon discount. The features and functionality compare favourably with many other rowing machines at a similar price. Therefore, while it does not have some of the “bells and whistles” of really expensive machines, you will notice a definite step up in quality compared to budget rowers.

If you are currently researching rowing machines or looking to make a purchase, our rowing machine review article will prove helpful. It provides a guide on factors to consider when choosing a rowing machine, and a recommendations on the best available within your budget.

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Hammer COBRA XT Rowing Machine

Rowing is a great form of exercise, with numerous benefits including calorie burning and weight loss. Check out our article on the benefits of training on a rowing machine for even more on the advantages of a rowing workout.

There are numerous ways to train on a rowing machine, depending on your objectives and the time you have available. These range from short, sharp interval training sessions to long steady endurance tests. However it is important to ease into rowing, building the level of challenge and your fitness steadily. For more on planning your rowing machine exercise sessions read our guide on rowing machine work outs.


The significant specifications of the Hammer COBRA XL Rowing Machine are summarised in the table below:

Length235 cm
Width54 cm
Height59 cm
Length Folded115 cm
Width Folder54 cm
Height Folder159 cm
Weight37 kg
Shipping Weight44 kg
Flywheel Weight5 kg
Frame MaterialAluminum
Resistance MechanismMagnetic - 10 levels of resistance
MonitorLCD display
Monitor Display6 features
Power InputBatteries
Storage propertiesFolding mechanism, wheels
Max User Weight120 kg


Let’s take a look at the major features of the Hammer COBRA XL Rowing Machine that make it compare favourably with its competition within the price range.


Comfortable seatThis is a well built rowing machine, as you would expect from that famous German engineering! The rail is made from aluminium, which makes it both light and strong. Also the seat sits on ball bearings, so it glides along the rail effortlessly. The max use weight is 120 kg, this is on the higher side, with expensive top end models often have max use weights of 130 kg. The foot straps are adjustable, fitting an individuals shoe size perfectly. Plus handles are made from durable non-slip foam, so the grip can be maintained very easily. Plus the handles are shaped with a slight bend so the grip can be pulled tight into your body.


This is a magnetic resistance rowing machine, so you get all of the benefits of this type of mechanism, smoothness, variable resistance, and low noise levels. There are 10 levels of resistance, controlled manually with a shift gear. This lets you choose a range of intensity when you train, from beginner to advanced.

Computer monitor

The computer monitorThe computer monitor statistics are advanced for a rowing machine in the Hammer COBRA XL’ s price bracket. It includes a permanent display of a number of important rowing statistics including:

  • Time elapsed
  • Distance traveled
  • Strokes per minute
  • Total strokes
  • Heart rate (heart rate monitor device an added extra)
  • Calories burned

The monitor screen is not back-lit, some reviewers say it is tricky to read, others have no problem. You can view several statistics all at once, which is a nice bonus.


This is an easy machine to store. The front mounted wheels make it easy to move around. Also the folding mechanism means that it can take up a smaller footprint when you are not working out. When stored the footprint is just 115 cm (L) x 54 cm (W) x 159 cm (H).


Warranty, assembly and delivery

A 2 year all parts warranty is good for a machine priced at £349 (time of writing), which demonstrates a good build quality.

It is delivered flat packed, weighing 44 kg, and you can choose to have it assembled for you at an additional cost. However feedback is that this is an easy machine to assemble, so self assembly should not be an issue. You can choose express delivery at checkout, meaning it will arrive in 1-3 working days.

Customer feedback on the Hammer COBRA XT Rowing Machine

The feedback on this machine from Amazon is strong, with 88% of reviewers rating it either 4/5 or 5/5. There are some less positive reviews that take the average down to 3.5/5, but there are always some negative reviews for every rowing machine. Click here to check the latest customer reviews on Amazon.

The positive reviews have a number of things in common. These include good build quality, ease of assembly and low noise levels from the magnetic resistance mechanism.

The 3 poor reviews include a one off delivery of a faulty machine, a concern on the strap thickness and a complaint about the weight of the machine.

Final thoughts on the Hammer COBRA XT Rowing Machine

The Hammer Cobra XT Rowing Machine is a well made magnetic rower with good storage potential and a low noise rowing mechanism. It is a solid choice for you if you are planning to row at home several times a week. Especially if you have limited space and do not want to make noise which disturbs others in the home. At £349 (time of writing) it is good value for money considering the spec of this machine.

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