The JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine Review – Best Under £250

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JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine – Overview

The JLL R200 home rowing machine is a fantastic entry level machine. This is reflected in both the price (being our top pick under £250) and the fact it is a best seller on Amazon. In fact on Amazon the average rating was 4.5/5 from 190 customer reviews at the time of writing this guide.

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The major selling points of the JLL R200 rower, besides the price, are the smooth and quiet magnetic rowing mechanism and the easy storage potential. These make it perfect for use at home.

Magnetic rowing machines are quieter than air resistance rowers, water rowers and hydraulic rowers. This is because the mechanism has no moving parts. Electromagnetism is used to apply resistance to the flywheel.

The monorail and seat fold up into a vertical position meaning the footprint when stored is much reduced. This is often a very important factor when using a rowing machine at home. Compared to many other machines the fold away mechanism is simple to use. Especially as it does not involve disconnecting the rail as it does on a number of other rowers.


JLL® R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine

JLL R200 Rowing Machine

JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine – Specifications

The table and diagram below break down the specifications of this rowing machine in a quick and easy to read way:


MonitorLCD Monitor: Total count, Calorie, Count / Min, Count, Distance, Scan, Time
FlywheelAdvanced belt driving system for excellent training result
Resistance10 levels of Magnetic Resistance
Seatfoam seat with free movement up and down the slideway
PedalsWide platform pedals
HandlebarsFoam padded handles
TransportWheels on the back of the base for easy transport
User Weight100kg
Assembled (max. adjust.)180cm (length) x 52cm (width) x 49cm (height)
Packing124cm (length) x 58cm (width) x 22.5cm (height)
ColourBlack and Silver
Warranty12 Months
Warranty TypeHome Use Only
DeliveryFree to the U.K Mainland this does not include certain Scottish postcodes, Isles of the Coast, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

JLL R200 measurements


JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine – Features


LCD Monitor

JLL R200 display monitorThe LCD monitor has a 7 function display that allows you to stay on top of your rowing performance. These include:

  • Total count of rowing strokes in the course of your workout
  • Calories burned during the session
  • Count of rowing strokes per minute
  • Count of rowing strokes in latest section of your workout
  • Distance covered
  • Time elapsed
  • Scan mode – a cycle between all of the stats

Magnetic rowing mechanism

The JLL R200 has 10 different levels of resistance, with a magnet placed close the flywheel. This allows you to alter the intensity of your workouts. It is belt driven, so it provides a smooth and quiet workout motion, a good simulation of rowing.

This means that not only does it provide a great and varied workout, it is also adapted to be incredibly suited for home use. No disturbance of others while you work out from a noisy mechanism. It is even possible to listen to the radio or watch TV as you train without the sound being drowned out.

Frame and construction

Build quality is fairly robust, but with a maximum user weight of 100 kg (approx 15.5 stone) there are more robust machines out there. However 100 kg is more than enough to cater for the vast majority of people. It reflects the fact that this is a machine designed to be used at home, rather than commercially.

The frame folds away in a very convenient fashion. Plus there are wheels built in to the front feet making it easy to move. The foot pedals are sturdy and made from textured rubber for a better grip. They also have  an adjustable multi-point strap. The seat is made from foam, giving a fair level of cushioning.

In the folded position.

View from the seat







Other info

The warranty on this machine is 1 year, plus a 30 day money back guarantee is also offered. This is standard for machines in this class.

Delivery is free as standard, as is self assembly, but you can pay more for express delivery or to have it assembled for you at your home. The tools required to put it together are supplied with the machine.

Below is a video guide showing how straight forward it is to put together:

Customer feedback on the JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine

Given that the average rating was 4.5/5 for this machine you can see there are a number of satisfied customers out there. In fact 66% of Amazon customer reviews gave it the maximum 5 stars.

Positive feedback focuses mainly on value for money and ease of assembly. Some feedback is that instructions are hard to read, and issues with assembly. However from experience there are always some that find assembly tricky no matter the machine. It becomes more a question of personal aptitude than specific flaws in any product.

There is also feedback that the build quality and monitor are better than others in the same price range.

Points to consider with the JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine

It is important to remember that what you are purchasing with this rower is the best budget machine available. This means there will be other machines on the market that are either more robust, or have more advanced features. However they will also have a price tag that reflects this.

If we had to be picky and select areas where there are room for improvement, one would be the build quality. While build quality is sufficient for the average home user, this would not be a machine for an avid rower or rowing club. It is not built to sustain the punishment dished out by many hours use every day. But the average home user would not get close to this.

Also bear in mind that there are machines available that have more sophisticated display monitors. Again for the average home user you have the basics of what you need to understand your workout.

Final thoughts on the JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine

To summarise, this machine is the best available in the sub £250 price range. In fact at the time of writing you could pick one up on Amazon for just £165, a real bargain.

It is designed for someone looking to workout for an hour or so a few days a week. This is reflected in the build quality and the price. The storage options are great, with a fold up rail and wheels on the front. You can track your performance on the monitor and the rowing motion is smooth and realistic. Assembly is straight forward, with a warranty that covers you for any initial problems you may have.

All in all this a very impressive piece of kit.


JLL® R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine


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