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JTX Pro 10 Vibration Plate Overview

The JTX Pro 10 is a tri-plane vibrating plate. It works in exactly the same way as the vibration plates found in high-end gyms throughout the UK. It vibrates in three directions, simultaneously, at high speed. This allows users to operate the plate through a huge power range with the “buzzing” vibration creating the perfect platform for serious training. It is a very different movement to the “see-saw” motion traditionally found on oscillation plates.

The build quality of this machine is extremely high, being constructed from top class materials. Feedback from customers on both the JTX website and Amazon backs this up. There is a generous warranty as standard, delivery is free and quick, plus a 28 money back guarantee gives you complete peace of mind.

If you are looking to buy a vibration machine for the home then the compact size and usability of the JTX Pro 10 make it my top pick. It is however on the more expensive end of the scale, £875 at the time of writing, so if that falls outside your budget, check out other models from our review of best vibration plates.

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To get a better feel for the machine in question take a look at the video below, it is slightly out of date, but provides a good summary of the machine:


The table below provides a quick and easy overview of the specifications of the JTX Pro 10 Vibration Machine.

Workout Area70(w)cm x 78(d)cm
Motor150 watt commercial grade AC motor
Frequency30-50Hz (vibrations per second)
Amplitude2mm Low Power, 4mm High Power
Vibration Power2.5 Horse Power (1 x AC 150w motor)
Computer ConsoleUpper and lower computer consoles displaying all key statistics.
Workout Programs7 Easy to follow exercise programs
Dimensions157(h) x 78(w) x 106(d)cm
Boxed DimensionsBox 1 of 2: 94(h) x 89(w) x 26(d)cm, Box 2 of 2: 165(h) x 50(w) x 34(d)cm
Maximum User Weight160kg
Machine Weight109 Kg
Free AccessoriesWorkout DVD, workout poster, powerstraps, floormat, exercise mat, exercise ball


Build quality

JTX Pro 10The JTX Pro 10 is very robustly built with a steel frame and fibre glass mould. This is a real selling point of this model, as it provides a level of sturdiness that matches machines you would find in a commercial gym or health club.

The top quality shell is finished to a very high standard, making it an attractive piece of equipment to look at. It houses a 150 watt commercial grade AC motor.

The footprint is 106 cm x 78 cm, which is space saving compared to gym models, without losing performance. The workout area of 78 cm x 70 cm is very usable, allowing plenty of space for floor based exercises.

Put these features together and you have a good looking machine, perfect for the home, that will last you for years.

Console, power settings and range

Lower consoleAn unusual and extremely user friendly feature of the JTX Pro 10 is that as well as having a console at the top of the machine, there is also a console allowing you to make adjustments from floor level. Really helpful when you are using the machine for press ups, planks or sit ups.

All of the features and settings you would expect to find at the gym are included. There is a frequency range of 30-50 Hz, which refers to the number of times the plate moves per second. This is industry leading performance. Making the JTX Pro 10 suitable for all levels of user, from beginner to advanced.

Top consoleLow frequency levels are perfect for stretching and low intensity sessions. Higher frequency levels make higher intensity more challenging workouts possible. This article has more on vibration plate exercise and workouts.

There are two amplitude settings, high and low. The amplitude is the distance of which the plate moves when it vibrates. The greater the distance the harder your muscles work to keep you in balance. Switching from low to high will generate a dramatic impact on the intensity of the movement. This amplitude, combined with the range of frequency (Hz), provides a huge intensity range, making the JTX Pro 10 suitable for a wide range of workout types and goals. Allowing you to reap all of the potential benefits of working out on a vibration plate.

Power straps

JTX Pro 10 power strapsPower straps come included as standard. These allow you to extend the range of muscles groups that can be trained with this vibration plate. Made from high grade engineered fabric they can be attached to the side of the plate.

Vibrations are transmitted from the machine to allow for static exercises focusing on the arms and upper body. This adds extra intensity and stimulation to exercises such as bicep curls and shoulder presses.


Warranty, delivery and returns

The JTX Pro 10 Vibration Plate comes with a generous warranty that is automatically registered on purchase. It covers 3 years in home, all parts and labour, servicing and repair. This demonstrates how confident JTX are in the build quality of their machine. Any issues and they will arrange for an engineer to visit your home at a convenient time.

Delivery is free across the UK, (with a small exception for hard to reach areas like the Sottish Islands). Order before 2 pm for next working day delivery. It will arrive with two people that will carry it to a ground floor room of your choosing. There is also an option to select a delivery date at check out.

There is a 28 day “no quibbles” returns policy, should you have any issue or not be happy with your purchase. JTX will collect your machine, refunding the purchase price less collection costs.

Customer feedback on the JTX Pro 10

Customer feedback is extremely positive on both the JTX website and Amazon. It receives a rating of 4.8/5 from the 9 customers that have provided feedback on the JTX website. That’s seven of the five purchasers giving it 5/5 and two giving it 4/5. On Amazon it receives a rating of 4.6/5, which is some of the best feedback I have seen for any product. In fact 88% of reviewers gave it a score of 5/5 and 12% giving it 4/5.

Common feedback talks extremely positively about the build quality being extremely high. A number of people comment that it is equivalent to the power plate machines in their gym. There is also positive feedback on the the great range of intensity provided by the frequency and amplitude ranges, as well as speedy, efficient delivery.


JTX Pro 10 Vibration Plate in use

Final Thoughts on the JTX Pro 10

The JTX Pro 10 Vibration Plate provides a gym level workout at home. If you have a budget up to £1,000 you will not get a better vibration plate for your money. What sets it apart from other machines is the combination of build quality, performance, and usability. This is reflected in very positive reviews on both the JTX website and Amazon.

Check current Amazon price for JTX Pro-10 Vibration Plate here

Check latest JTX website price for JTX Pro 10 Vibration Plate


If you are interested in reading more on vibration plates take a look at our vibration plate review article.

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