The JTX Strider X7 Home Cross Trainer Review – Best under £500

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Overview of the JTX Strider X7 Home Cross Trainer

The JTX Strider X7 Home Cross Trainer is the best available for under £500, in fact £420 at the time of writing. Customer reviews are fantastic on both Amazon and the JTX website. It is a very well constructed machine of top build quality. The magnetic mechanism is highly adjustable, smooth and quiet. The monitor has a clear, easy to read colour touch screen, with numerous work out metrics and pre-set training programs. A heart rate measuring chest strap comes as standard with this machine, helping you get the most from your workouts. With a warranty of 2 years parts and labour and 5 years frame, with in home repairs, you can have confidence you are purchasing a terrific piece of kit.

If you are looking into buying a cross trainer for the home, take a look at our guide to the best cross trainers to help with your research. It details the important factors to consdier when selecting a cross training machine, and recommends the best available at several price points.


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The table below details the specifications of the JTX Strider X7 Home Cross Trainer:

Stride Length16"
ResistanceSmooth and quiet electro-magnetic resistance. 16 point range
Computer ConsoleColour touch screen with time, speed, distance, calories burned and target heart rate controls.
Workout Programs21 programs; manual, hill, interval, target power, body fat, 4 heart rate control and 4 personalised programs.
Heart Rate TrainingResponsive heart rate training and free chest strap
Q Factor180mm
Dimensions130(l) x 70(w) x 170(h)cm
Boxed Dimensions124.5(l) x 38(w) x 66(h) cm
Maximum User Weight110kg
Machine Weight57.4kg
Free AccessoriesHeart rate chest strap
Transport WheelsYes
Assembly time45 mins


JTX Strider X7 Home Cross Trainer measurements


Robust build quality

JTX have a reputation for the high build quality and solid construction of their exercise machines. This cross trainer is no different. Demonstrated by the generous warranty that comes with it as standard. It will stand up to regular home use with no problems, use it for 5 – 10 hours a week and it will last for years. The max user weight is 110 kg (17 stone), so it is suitable for the vast majority of people to use.

The JTX Strider X7 Home Cross Trainer has a 16 inch stride length, this supports the natural stride length of most adults (may be short for those over 6 ft 3 inch). There are cross trainers on the market that are more compact because they are restricted to a shorter stride length. However they do not allow you to fully extend your legs as you pedal, and can therefore hold you back from more challenging workouts as a result.

There are transport wheels on the front of this cross training machine, these allow you to move it out of the way once you have finished working out. Adjustable floor pads allow the cross trainer to be placed on slightly uneven surfaces.

Touch screen computer monitor

Colour touch screen monitorThe full colour monitor has a user friendly touch screen. It tracks all of the metrics you will need from a cross trainer workout, including:

  • Time elapsed
  • Distance traveled
  • Speed
  • Calories burned

There are 21 pre-set exercise programs, which is a high number for a machine in this price range. These really add to your workouts, giving you targets and feedback on performance. These pre-set programs include:

  • Hill climb
  • Intervals
  • Fat burning
  • Heart rate

It is a good idea to mix up use of these programs. It keeps workouts varied, helping keep you motivated. Plus providing your body with a range of different types of workout style helps build higher levels of all round fitness.

There are quick start buttons which allow you to instantly change resistance levels. This is a really useful addition for interval training, as you can adjust intensity in an instant. A great addition is the ability to design your own training programs, useful when you have planned out set cross trainer workouts. You are able to save 4 programs in the on-board computer.

Magnetic resistance

12.5 kg magnetic resistance flywheel housed at back of machine The JTX Strider X7 Home Cross Trainer has an electromagnetic resistance system. This makes the action quiet and smooth no matter how hard you pedal.

There are 16 different resistance levels that can be applied to the 12.5 kg flywheel. The low levels are perfect for a warm up or cool down, or for those not used to exercising on the cross trainer. Higher resistance levels are able to provide a challenging work out for more experienced users. The high resistance levels are perfect for interval training sessions, while mid range levels are suitable for longer steady rate cardio sessions.

Heart rate training and free chest strap

A heart rate chest strap is supplied as standard with this machine, which is a real selling point. Heart rate enables you to measure other metrics besides just heart rate. It is useful to get a more acurate measure of calories burned on the cross trainer. This is particularly helpful when you are using the cross trainer to lose weight.

There are specific pre-set programs that aim to keep your within a target heart rate zone. Resistance is adjusted to make sure you stay within the range, giving you an efficient workout.

Warranty, assembly and delivery

The warranty that JTX supply with this cross training machine is competitive, another strong selling point. You get a 2 year all parts and labour and 5 year frame in home repair warranty. Should you have any problems an engineer will visit your home to carry out a repair. There is also a “no quibble” 28 day full refund return policy, giving extra piece of mind.

Assembly is simple and straight forward, although could take up to to 2 hours if you are not experienced at building things from instructions. It is possible for one person to put this machine together, although naturally the process is quicker with two. The video below gives some useful tips on assembling a cross training machine. It is made be JTX so translates well to the JTX Strider X7 Home Cross Trainer.

Delivery is free as standard. It can be delivered the next working day when ordered before 2 pm through the JTX website or Amazon. It will arrive with two delivery people who will carry it to a ground floor room of your choosing.

Customer feedback on the JTX Strider X7 Home Cross Trainer

Customer feedback on this piece of exercise equipment is fantastic. In fact it is one the the best rated machines I have ever reviewed.

The JTX website has a customer review average score of 4.6/5. Amazon has an average customer review score of 4.8/5. There are no 1/5 or 2/5 ratings on either website, Amazon has two 3/5’s while JTX has just one 3/5. All of the rest of the ratings are 4/5 or 5/5, with the majority being 5/5.

The common pieces of positive feedback include the cross trainer being well constructed and sturdy as well as being easy to assemble. There is also plenty of feedback on it being a quiet and smooth machine. Negative feedback relates to specific defects with individual machines, which can happen with any self assembly home exercise machine, so is not an area of real concern.

Final thoughts on the JTX Strider X7 Home Cross Trainer

This is a fantastic cross trainer for the price, £420 at the time of writing. It is the best in the under £500 price bracket. The construction is first rate, with a sturdy frame, smooth, quiet magnetic mechanism and high tech computer monitor. If you are looking for a cross trainer to use at home and have a budget below £500, this machine is worth serious consideration.


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